June 2019 Mobile Apps/ Blockchain

Toko Crypto App

Toko is a all-in-one virtual wallet and marketplace for SMEs to enhance business opportunities


Mar 2019- Jun 2019
4 Months


Pen and Paper, Figma, Sketch App,
Marvel App, Swift, AWS


Design and Development


leadStarship R&D, Design


Toko is a crypto wallet for Indonesian small and medium scale enterprises to track their cashflow and expenses, connect with other potential clients and businesses in order to enhance their business and clientele.

The beauty to send digital value to anyone on this planet without borders or limitations is the most fundemental right in digital age.
- Satoshi Nakamoto :)


The client brief was simple, he said 'I want to build a crypto platform and app where businesses can buy and sell products and services using BTC or ETH.'

toko initiation


Design process

If clean and maintainable code is at the heart of a great product, an intuitive and seamless user experience and user interface (UX / UI) is the soul. In order to have great UX, technical considerations must go into design. In order to express great UI, development teams must give as much attention to their front-end code as they do to their system architecting.

sierra-green design process

Design process


We conducted a multi-methodology research effort to better understand how projects-parallax interact with map based discount apps, how they wish to use them, their previous experience & current use of technology, & how academic researchers have sought to explore these questions in their relative fields of study.

Research Literature
Research Literature
SEM Data
SEM Data and Trends

Paper prototypes and Wireframes

Wireframe is the plan that guide along the way and keep our workflow organized.

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Sign in process

Final design and product

iOS native app

Admin portal and Web App

Fully functional Admin portal

toko admin

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